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The Taste of Paradise is the story of a young man who moves with his parents to a small South Georgia town in the summer of 1956, where his father becomes the Superintendent of Schools. At a young age Canaan Cross witnessed the tragic death of a friend. He suppressed the pain and sorrow he felt and buried it somewhere deep within. But the summer of his arrival in a new setting is filled with sorrow, tragedy, death, and murder, including the most shattering event, the death of his grandfather. Canaan now faces all of this, and is forced to find his way through these events. In the process he takes a job picking cotton on a local farm, becomes friends with migrant workers from Mexico, a strong African American woman, and a boy who lives next door to him. But can his association with them enable him to make peace with life during that fateful summer?

What others have said:

“The Taste of Paradise is set in the small town of Dooly, Georgia, fifty years ago. Each summer, yellow school buses pull into the main square, bringing hundreds of Mexican immigrants to work in the fields through harvest time. Tom Pilgrim weaves this intriguing story, revealing the political issues and human problems of immigration through the eyes of a boy coming of age. It’s worth the read for the history, but I love it for the characters and the insight into simpler times, that were not so simple in reality, as in memory.”

Rex Hauck, Legacy Films, Atlanta, Ga

“Tom Pilgrim slows us down to experience a covert universe that we need to re-learn and re-live. He also takes us back to a time when life was composed of simple decisions and humble pleasures; when people were appraised and enjoyed for who they were; and when the present was forever sensed and hallowed. The dirt roads, heat and cotton fields of rural Georgia are so real in this writing, you can taste the dust in your mouth.”

Rev. Harold Lawrence, LaGrange, Ga

The Taste of Paradise

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