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These books are devotional in nature and can be used for study groups, classes, or individual study. Each book contains messages, children’s object lessons, prayers, and some have discussion questions. The first four are for the Lenten Season and Easter. The last two are for Advent and Christmas.

The Master Has Come
Jesus and His Kingdom are the focus of this seven-part book for Lent and Easter. The Master has come into every part of the world, every culture, every age, and every walk of life. Wherever His story is told life is made better. The reader is invited to discover that the Master has come for us.
The Roads Jesus Travelled
Jesus was a traveling preacher. It is in those roadside scenes that we see Him at His best, come to understand who He is, and grasp the significance of what He did. In thinking of those things we discover Him on the roads we travel. This book is a journey through Lent to Easter. Discussion questions are included.
Behold The Man
Pontius Pilate pointed to Jesus, and invited the people to “behold the man.” This is one of the purposes of Lent and Easter. It is a time to behold Him, see Him, and understand Him. But beholding Him then was not enough, and it is not now. A decision is always required. Discussion questions are included.
The Man From Galilee
Most of the ministry of Jesus was spent in the district of Galilee, and so many significant things took place around the lake. On my visits to the Holy Land this is one of my favorite areas. This book for Lent and Easter looks at the ministry of Jesus, and His ultimate victory over sin and death. Discussion questions are included.
They Came Together In Bethlehem
Everything comes together in Bethlehem. People from different places come together there. And the great purposes of God come together in Bethlehem. In thinking about this during Advent and Christmas everything can come together for those who read this book and apply its great truths. Dramatic dialogues and candle lighting ceremonies are included.
The Light Of Bethlehem Shines On
The impact of the miraculous event of the incarnation continues, and the light of hope that appeared in the darkness two thousand years ago still shines on us today. It is a light no darkness can put out. This Advent and Christmas study invites the reader to live in the light. Candle lighting ceremonies are included.

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